California dreamin

In May 2014 I was fortunate enough to find myself in California on a week long photography tour. Myself and two buddies flew into San Francisco on a Saturday afternoon, picked up the transport of choice, 6.5 litres of Chevy truck and headed to our first location, Golden Gate Bridge.
This was a trip that had been in the planning for months, everything from sunrise, tide and driving times, to where we were going to get fed and watered. From Sanfran we headed north up the coast road, taking in locations at Salt Point, Point Arena and Trinidad Beach. We picked up a hitch hiker in the form of a Tick, which was duly removed by the local Dr and sent in the mail to test for Lymes disease, fortunately it came back negative. From there it was east and a stop at McArthur Burney Falls, truly spectacular and well worth a visit.
Heading south down the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains we were bound for Mono Lake and Bodie. The plan from here was to head over the mountains on the Tioga Road and drop down into Yosemite Valley. The minor issue with this plan: Mother Nature. Would the road be open in time after the winter? It hadn't opened in the first week of May for some twenty years, so it was time to cross everything.
A day before we were due to take the Tioga it opened up, we couldn't believe our luck, but as we headed toward Mono lake the weather took a turn and within hours the road was closed, Grrrr. What to do? Well, it was Mono Lake for sunrise, then off for a hearty breakfast while we contemplated a six hour detour! Before heading off we had to fill up with 'gas' and whilst doing so a snow plough pulled into the car park, was this a positive sign? Having had a chat with the driver, he informed us that the Tioga was due to reopen in a matter of minutes, RESULT! The final three days of the trip were spent in Yosemite, not nearly enough time to do it justice, but better than nothing. A truly fantastic week fuelled by breath taking scenery, adrenaline, banter and whatever we could find to eat. A special mention also to my wife, for signing the holiday request form and making this a trip to remember.


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